Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Collection Coming Soon!

believe Fall has finally arrived. This morning it was actually foggy and made this photo of Nevaeh look cool! She came over early before school and modeled for me. I really think she likes modeling. LOL

Doesn't she look beautiful! I love this color on her! (^_^)
So it’s official, my Fall Collection will be available on Sunday, 10/19/2014 at 4pm Pacific/ 7pm Eastern. I’m so excited my collection will be released as scheduled. I’ve already taken most of the photos, just need to finish a few more pieces and it’ll be complete.
So save the date, 10/19/2014, and be sure to check out Saleen’s Style on etsy for new designs.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall is Here!

Okay it’s officially Fall but not quite here! (^_^) It’s still really hot, like 90+ degrees. All I’ve wanted to do when I get home from school is nothing, not even my homework. I only do it because I know I have too, otherwise I’ll get in trouble.
The weather did feel like Fall for like two days and I was inspired to work on some Fall designs.

I found this beautiful tribal print and couldn't wait to use it in my Fall collection.

I really like these tribal print leggings. The colors are perfect for Fall. I paired it with an oversized pullover sweater, t-shirt and combat boots. Look familiar? Yes those are the new boots I’ve been working on.

Zoë only wanted a splash of color for her outfit so I thought a kimono cardigan would be a perfect transitional piece. She’s also wearing a pair of my newest design, skinny jeans. Every girls wardrobe needs a good pair of skinny jeans. Her boots are from American Girl and tank are from another indie designer, Elegant Basics.

Alanna also has on one of the new designs for Fall. I’ve been wanting to make a hoodie for at least 2 months but with it being 100+ degrees, I couldn’t even think about long sleeves.

I’m trying to complete my Fall collection and have it ready for release on Oct. 19th. Well that’s I plan anyway. I’ll be working on it this weekend since I shouldn’t have a whole lot of homework. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Boots Coming Soon!

I wanted some cute boots to wear and the Fall Collection I’ve been working on would look great with these boots. I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I made my own. Yes, I know I could get black boots anywhere but the boots I making for myself, and possibly for you guys, are FAR from black. These were just a prototype before I cut into my pretty fabric. ^^; 
Do you like to wear boots during the cold weather?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Universal Studios Hollywood

Hey everyone! This past weekend I went to Universal Studios Hollywood one last time before school starts. I can’t believe Summer is almost over. I’m not ready to go back but I’m ready for this heat to stop. ^^;

We got to the park 30 mins before it opened at 9am. We had to drive over an hour to get there, so my dad wanted to make sure we arrived with enough time to park and be at the entry gate. He does that all the time.

It was actually pretty cool getting there early because they let everyone in 15 mins before the scheduled time. I went looking in one of the gift shops for a fluffy unicorn like Agnes’ from Despicable Me to get for Zoë since she was sick and didn’t go. Goondess, did I find one? It’s so fluffy and HUGE! I think I’ll have to look somewhere else because that is TOO big and would never fit on her bed. 

We rode Transformers: The Ride and it was amazing. For a moment I got to feel what it would be like to be part of the movie.

Jurassic Park: The Ride was such a perfect ride on a hot day but I didn’t get on seeing as I didn’t want to walk around all wet for the rest of the day… or until I dried off. ^^; Just look how wet those people are getting, you can barely see there heads but if you look closely you can see them.

The last ride of the day was Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem and this is my (well, Zoë’s too) favorite ride. Who doesn’t want to be a Minion? The ride is soo fun!

I had a great day with my Dad. Now I think I’m ready to go back to school… Okay, I’m really not but I have too. :)
What I Wore:
Roxy T-shirt: The Beach Shack by Captain Syd
Distressed High Waist Cut Off Shorts: Saleen’s Style
Shoes: AG GOTY Mia Meet Sneakers (retired)
Hairbow: Saleen’s Style

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New @ Saleen's Style!

Listed a couple of new designs, strapless romper and lace tank top on etsy @ http://saleensstyle.etsy.com Check them out!

Also soo much has happened and I need to catch everyone up on what I’ve done this Summer. I was soo busy I forgot all about my blog. I will do much better since I won’t be distracted by amusement parks and family trips. School will be starting very soon and cooler weather, so I’ll loads of time to blog. 

Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Did It!

Well I put my heart out there and it looks like people are liking what they see. Let me tell you, this was soo nerve racking and I’m glad people like my debut release. They liked it so much that I actually made a few sales! But this was so nerve racking and scary. I’m excited it went without any problems.

So when you get a chance, check out my etsy shop and let me know what you think.

I think I’m going to have big bowl of ice cream and just relax from all this fun. (^_^)
What I’m Wearing:

My Big Day!

Later today, I will be releasing my first collection for all to see plus revealing my blog too. Talk about a lot happening today. I’m really nervous about it all! What if no one likes what I made? What if they think my ideas, my designs, my blog… suck? I think I would cry! 
I still have a few more pieces… well 2 more… I need to finish before my release. I don’t know if they will be ready in time. I really hope so but if they aren’t I’ll add them to the shop a little later after my release. Oh I’m so scared! Wish me luck!
Have you ever felt this way before? How did you deal with it?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Coming Soon!

On etsy! Another idea of my mom’s is for me to open up a shop on etsy to see if people actually like my designs. So here are some tops I’ve been working on as part of my sample collection. These first designs will be very limited edition. I’m not making more than 3 of each design in each fabric I use because while I LOVE my designs, it would suck if I’m stuck with a whole bunch of the same things in the same patterns plus I like to wear unique clothing. ^^;


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Dance!

Hey everyone, look at my new friend, Princess! I’m so happy because my mom and dad bought me a new little dog. Isn’t she cute? I have been asking for a really long time to get a dog but my parents kept saying no! Then the other day when I came home from school, there she was waiting for me. They said it’s my responsibility to walk and feed her, which is fine with me because I finally have a dog of my own!

I’m also really excited because school is almost out! Only 1 week left but who’s counting? ^^;
Who else is ready for Summer Break?!
What I’m Wearing:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Welcome To Saleen's Style!

Hey everyone, I’m Saleen (pronounced like Celine)! Welcome to my blog, my mom encouraged me to start this blog because I told her one day I’d like to have my own clothing line. She told me, why wait for later when I can share my designs and styling now. So here I am! Get sneak peeks into my crazy designer’s mind (my mom’s words, not mine) plus see my every day life.

A little about me…
I live in sunny Southern California with my parents and little sister, Zoë. Isn’t she a doll? ^^; I love to design clothing. I like to come up with new styles, mixing vintage design with modern appeal. Well that’s how my mom describes my style. LOL Plus sometimes I like to give new life to clothing not exactly made for me. Like say way too big t-shirts with cool graphics. My clothing combine comfort, cuteness and vintage inspired styles. ƸӁƷ~ ヽ(・ᴗ・ヽ) Oops, sorry for talking soo much. ^^; Hopefully I’m not too boring and you like it here. Thanks for stopping by my blog!